Canada's vaccine arsenal could get another addition within weeks: senior health official

I know this is ancient history, but if you're ok with responding, do, and if not I can post on a more current thread... All good.

So, the definition of severe disease vs hospitalization and death is confusing. Is it that severe covid would include basic flu symptoms? A person could feel very lousy, but it doesn't mean their oxygen levels are tanking?

The J&J vaccine will only stop a person from getting flu symptoms 65ish% of the time, but it keeps people from needing to be hospitalized with very severe symptoms basically 100% of the time.

So, for preventing the scary parts of Covid-19, J&J is just as good as any.

Do I have the nuance vaguely right? I'm guessing there might be things we don't know about long haul covid symptoms, or maybe the J&J vaccine knocks that out too.

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