Cannibalism Is The Solution To Capitalism

I think you make a fair point, but it's all hyperbole.

When we look at the US billionaires, they own a collective 2.7T in wealth. How is this amount exponential, when we look at how much the US Federal (alone) government spends. At the federal level alone, 4T is spent annually. Even if we "ate" the rich, thats 8months of running our government. That doesnt seem like much, does it?

Isn't is then a problem of, where the hell is 4T being spent. If 2.7T is so much wealth, 4T should surely make the world spin. Why isnt it? Because it's not an exorbitant amount or, it is, and we arent using our funds wisely. Thats where the problem is, poor usage or expectations that are too high.

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