Very easy to tell. Always looking up to them and thinking the grass is so green and manicured when it's not. Stop looking to them for everything.

Lol this is hilarous. I grew up in pretty much all white areas went to a boujee boarding school etc and I used to let a lot of shit slide that I just brushed it off as jokes or whatever. When I got to college and started growing into myself white kids really started to put a bad taste in my mouth. Like just casual racist shit then trying to gaslight you into thinking you are overreacting when you say something. Now I’m older and have a bunch of white friends but maturity levels are totally different respect goes both ways I’ve never had to correct any of my white friends for some out of pocket shit never had to hve the “why can’t I say the N word if it’s a rap song” talk non of that shit. When one of my friends tried to bring in a work friend into the circle and he brought up the why can’t I say the n word convo my friends were Mortified and I didn’t even have to say anything one of my friends just straight told him “yea I’m not gunna lie to you bro you’re never hanging around us again” I feel like the exposure is spot on alot of my friends now grew up middle class and had black friends since elementary school so hanging out with black people wasn’t anything new. I’ve met all my friends parents at graduations etc and you can tell when someone is genuinely comfortable around black people. Never had the awkward “omg I love Tupac” convos out of nowhere. Etc I feel like u just gotta find the right type of white people. My friend group now is hell diverse filled with people that have traveled to Africa, Asia, India, etc so ignorant shit doesn’t fly.

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