A career in America

Im kind of in the same boat as you

Even though european hiphop is getting bigger and better, america is still the place to be in terms of hiphop

But you have to ask yourself questions

1 Do you know anybody in america?

2 Do you even have enough money?

3 Are you completely dedicated to your craft or do you see it as just a hobby? You need to be completely dedicated to succeed

4 Listen to your beats, if they sound the same as everyone elses type beats on youtube why would anybody want to hire you? Also if you enjoy making boom bap you will need to put a modern spin on it or you will simply not succeed because boom bap has been over for a while now

5 Where are you going and what are you actually going to do? Going to america is great but without a destination to go you will get lost. Travis scott left his home because he had friends all over the country who he made music with

6 Think of your relationships and school/job, are you ready to risk losing all of them? Of course you can make music and keep your job but it will be difficult

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