Chappelle Defended By Sisters Of His Trans Friend Mentioned In ‘The Closer’: "Daphne understood humor and comedy—she was not offended. Why would her family be offended?"

Ok I have it a brief read and I see some good comments being made here. You certainly are putting more original thought into your reply than others and I appreciate that.

you don’t have to understand to believe and support. Which, damn is a very positive thing to say.

Ok so my question is did he actually say this himself? Because that would be something I completely agree with. If he didn't say that exactly, I'd like to know what he did say that gave you that impression because it should be mentioned if it hasn't and part of the discussion.

He even tells that when Daphne gets mad she says something along the line of «  I don’t need you to understand I need to you to believe I am having a human experience ».

Daphne spoke some wisdom to him certainly

I’m not trans but it boils down to empathy. As long as we see the other person as another human living his life the best he can, just like about anybody else does, we can stop hating and have a conversation.

Agree as well. I'm just not seeing the conversation. Misgendering her while equating her gender to her sex isn't going to further any conversation or educate transphobic people on the subject. I looked hard at the substance of his jokes and for any indication he was trying to provoke introspection at all from his listeners but I'm the end everything comes off as "I'm not racist but incoming racist comment. It's been a pattern far too long and that's why he's lost LGBT/ally fans, because he's just normalizing transphobia, not showing the flaws behind the jokes themselves.

As a community, we have to accept at some point this is intentional no matter how many times he prefaces the joke with some attempt to mitigate responsibility. Misinformation in such a sensitive topic is still completely inexcusable.

  • Black people are still forgotten and oppressed and he feels that while it’s good that a community is making progress, some white people can use it to move black rights out of focus again.You could say «  whataboutism » if you wanted to, but I think black people are kinda allowed to be like «  uh yeah what about us ».

The problem here, as I've stated elsewhere is that he puts things in a racial lens often making inappropriate comparisons as a result. Oppression of black people and trans people are not two competing things. You seem to be trying to make the argument it's excusable for him to push down one minority to get attention for another but that's an end sum game which is about power, not social evolution. He at the very best is ignoring the harm he does to the most victimized members of his own community, black trans women.

If I've mischaracterized your statement, feel free to respond.

About the TERF thing, I was very surprised to say the least. To me there was a bit of provocation on his part but he’s trying to explain why some women may feel frustrated by trans women. Which however hard and « wrong » it may be, is at least a valid way to feel.

And we can sympathize with TERFs as well. I've had many discussions with TERFs over the years trying to understand what they are are obsessed with trans women. After many heated debates and digging into the core of their ideological views, many are traumatized or know someone who is due to sexual assault and violence. The most argumentative TERFs I've come across have even told me that a penis is inherently dangerous to women but won't acknowledge a penis on an infant or a sleeping/unconscious is just a penis.

Point is, I sympathize with them to some degree, for obvious reasons, but Dave doesn't go into the reasons why TERF views are harmful to women, and I mean all women, not just trans women. Even trans men, which to a TERF, is a woman, as well as non-conforming cis women, their views and policies they would see enacted only hurt those they sell to protect.

That would be a topic a great comedian like Dave could tackle with grace should he actually do the research and work on it. Instead we see him align with TERF talking points on a superficial level and self identify with them. It's really the worse way to approach the subject at all if his actual intent was to create a conversation.

To me, Chapelle always admits he’s flawed, ignorant and said a lot of dumb shit in the past. But his heart is always in the right place, he tries to understand other peoples mindset even when it’s hard for him to do or for us to hear. There’s the character he uses and the thing he says deep down and what he is about is acceptance.

I agree that's always been a consistent part of his stags up in the past but that pretty much ended on this subject. To a person who is informed, has done the research, or is part of the LGBT community, even an ally, these jokes over the past 5 years or so have only shown he is either unwilling to educate himself on the targets of his jokes or is intentional targeting trans women while trying to remain ambiguous. This last special he went further than

He’s not doing a Ted talk, He has a plateform because he’s a good comedian but his job is not to educate anybody. To me, his job is to share HIS world view in a cathartic way. That’s all comedians are really for. They are allowed to be ignorant, dumb and wrong. His only responsability is to give a good show. The rest is up to the audience.

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