It’s okay to be “rude” to service employees sometimes.

When you have this attitude in any store and you ask if they have more of something in the back, they go in the back and play on their phone for a while then come back and say no we don’t.

So in other words, the employees aren't even doing their jobs because they're fuckups? Got it.

Don't worry...automation will soon put all you worthless fucktards out of a job and you might actually have to pursue something of actual value. My research and work is specifically on automation in the workplace, so this is quite enjoyable to me, to actually be working on the technology that will fuck over all you retards. I could care less about what you say on these forums about me...I'm not inconvenienced in the slightest, but god damn, listening to how you idiots reason and see the world makes me feel so fucking good about my work and what it will mean for you all. :)

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