I cheated and lied to my boyfriend. I'm heartbroken and I want to make things right again. Please help.

He decided to officially end it today. I have been thinking a lot and it took me so much to realise that I can't lose him.

That's not how it works. Him leaving you isn't some wake up call for you to decide you want to try to repair the relationship, him leaving you is him leaving you. The relationship is over.

He has the right, at any time, to decide a relationship is over for any reason. You also have the right to decide, at any time, that a relationship is over for any reason. Neither of you has the right to a relationship with one another.

You don't need to try to repair this relationship. In fact, since you've been broken up with, you literally should not try to do that. It isn't going to help him or you.

You need to try to repair you. Everything you're saying, about your history, about where you are now repeating those patterns, suggests that these serious issues you're dealing with need real professional help from a mental health professional like a therapist.

You do need help, but I promise you that trying to get back with him is not going to help you. You need to get help for YOU.

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