CLIP: TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES - Official Teaser Trailer

"If Aquaman can get a movie anyone can"

Then why don't we have a Flash movie, Superman sequels, or a 2nd attempt at Green Lantern yet?

If this is the logic, we shouldn't even be wasting time on this. With this logic, WB should have been spitting out Wonder Woman movies for years, yet the character has been around since 1941 and just had her own film in 2017. Superman, who is the godfather of all superheroes went 19 years without a film, then another 6 with a deserved reboot and yet we're still struggling with him.

I'm sorry but I just think it's offensive that we're getting this right now. Meanwhile WB is scrambling to bust out a few good live-action movies because they keep screwing up.

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