Snyderverse Trilogy Poster

I really hope this was fan made because if it wasn’t, holy shit Snyder’s marketing team are taking a far bigger bite of the apple than they should be.

Snyder was hired in October 2010. He left the Justice League production after filming was completed in October 2016. He came back to complete ZSJL but we know that can’t possibly push his involvement to more than eight years at best.

So this poster is not only highly exaggerating the length of Snyder’s involvement to make it some “Ten Year Anniversary “ that doesn’t exist, but it also completely shits on and ignores, pause for breath, here we go, Ayer’s butchered Suicide Squad, Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, Whedon’s Justice League (no one cares but it exists), Sandberg’s Shazam!, Wan’s Aquaman, Sandberg’s Shazam!, Yan’s Bird’s of Prey and WW84, also directed by Jenkins.

Honestly I hope Snyder’s camp did this and it gets made a deal of. This poster looks awesome but says something very vain.

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