CMV: Anarchy is the key to happiness


As an "anarchist" myself, I think it is fair to say on an individual scale this may be true (depending on your personality, as does everything), but for a large group of people anarchy would be, well, anarchy. Cooperation has made the world go round since the emergence of human life. This is most likely due to the fact that humans are naturally social creatures, look it up. If you live alone and isolate yourself from society, you become a little bit wacky. Undoubtedly there are many flaws with society, many of which are inevitable to fail. But what isn't inevitable? If society naturally comes to a collapse, so be it. Stay "woke" and see the signs for yourself, take those who you love with you and adapt.
Besides, without conflict, there can be no progress. Everything is a learning experience my dude. If it weren't for society, you wouldn't have the ability to find this subreddit and get an answer for your question.

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