Men who lifted weights to become attractive to women, what differences in interest have you noticed, since you started?

Was sitting around unemployed a couple years back and decided to start working out. Always been thin 130 5”6. Shot up to a lean 147/148 in about 4 months. thick bi’s, defined abdominals, scoopy pecs. I think my neck and jaw looked better too. I started tanning and bleaching my teeth. I got a more trendy haircut. I was drinking a monster at 3am browsing the web and I walked into the bathroom and really saw myself for the first time. Felt like a fucking stud. I booked a Vegas hotel room 5 minutes later and was on the road solo 30 minutes later. 4 hours later I’m pulling in to my hotel parking lot. At the pool by 9am. Get a few red bull vodkas. Saw a beautiful blonde with a smoking 11/10 body having a cigarette so I bum one. Hooking up shortly after. She was from another country but I still ended up dating her for 6 months and getting some awesome travel out of it.

Long story short, I didn’t date blonde smokeshow instagram model type women when I was skinny. I’ve since stopped working out, and I don’t date them now. It’s not everything, but working out gave me a real confidence boost in addition to making women much more receptive to my advances. Would recommend to anyone - make sure to do the extra stuff. A wicked tan and movie star teeth goes a long way.

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