CMV: being a conservative is the least Christ-like political view

Their solution is a hands off free market approach....or it should be in theory if they are sticking to their principles.

If you remove a lot of the government red tape that was put in place solely to appease lobbyists of the fossil fuel industry to destroy competition, the free market will choose green energy.

Tesla is taking over the auto industry slowly, and has made leaps in terms of electric vehicles because their pockets aren't also being lined by the same fossil fuel industry. Solar and wind power are taking over, as well as nuclear power where people have managed to cut through/get through that red tape. Carbon scrubbers for the atmosphere may also be in the works right now (I'm not sure on this one) but I am positive they will also have to fight through the same red tape everyone else does, desperate to get approval in time to actually make a difference.

It takes like a decade to get a nuclear power plant approved still. There are a bunch in the works nationwide that are still waiting on government beaurocracy to give them approval.

If you get rid of lobbying interest and get rid of unnecessary government red tape, people consistently choose new technology they view as "cool and innovative" and also the most affordable technology. Green energy is fast becoming the most affordable technology for the average person, as it lowers individual costs of driving and energy usage.

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