CMV: feminist women shouldn’t hate on/degrade other women who are antifeminist, citing “internalized misogyny” because to do so is sexist and being a bad example to feminism

Here's the problem with your argument: it could be totally valid, or it could be total bullshit. It all depends on the context and specifics, which are not listed here at all.

Dude, anyone who's spent any time reading feminist forums or subreddits knows exactly what this means: "Your opinion is only valid if I view you as on my side."

As long as you mention at least three times that you're a dedicated feminist and perform five Hail Mary Sues, then you're allowed to lightly criticize the feminist movement. Anyone else who has a disagreement with the movement is thrown into the ill-defined, nebulous group of "alt-right, white supremacist dudes."

You're saying women who disagree with feminists shouldn't be 'attacked' by feminists. Well what if they have a different view and want to persuade others that an expressed view is wrong?

Take a look at both /r/AskWomen and /r/AskMen. Which one do you think you're more likely to get an actual discussion from, honestly?

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