CMV: Finding myself recently single in my 30's, the chances of me finding a lifelong, monogamous wife are basically 0.

As far as I can tell, women my age either 1) already have something established or 2) aren't looking for long term relationship.

My father passed away when I was three, leaving my mother widowed with two young children, a part time job, and no social security at the age of 37.

For almost 12 years, my mother struggled trying to find a companion. She went through some real bad partners, let me tell you. But in the meantime, do you know what she did? She bettered herself. She got a personal trainer and went to the gym in her free time. She worked harder at work. She became a lunch lady at my school so she could spend time with me and my brother. She made friends, picked up hobbies, read and tried her damnedest to make the best out of a really shitty situation.

7 years ago, after only 3 years out of a terribly abusive relationship, she met someone on eHarmony. eHarmony of all places! She told me the only reason she had talked to him was because he had a motorcycle and so did she. They went out to lunch and never looked back. That man I now consider my stepfather. They've been married for a little over 1 year and together for 7.

It took my mother almost 12 years to find someone. She struggled, yes. It took a little while because she made some bad decisions with her partners and she also had kids. But she found someone. And goddamn, if it isn't one of the most loving and solid relationships I've ever had the honor of being privy to.

What I'm saying is- there will always be someone who is searching just like you are. You just have to look for them because sometimes they pop up in the weirdest places. Don't limit yourself.

Yeah, what happened sucks. Damn, does it suck balls. But, you can and will get through this. You must get through this. Focus on yourself. Good things always come from bad situations. If my mother had never been in that relationship with Mr. Abusive Dickbag, she would have never had that motorcycle and we never would have gotten our dog.

I have faith in you. I know you will find someone if you have an open heart and an open mind.Good luck, man. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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