CMV: Giving "smaller state residents" more voting power is no more justifiable than giving just about any other minority group more voting power

It's a flawed system, but it's different when you think of it this way. It is important to understand if each state wants in or wants out. Arguably, electoral votes are helpful in avoiding states from trying to leave the unionization that is the United States. Let's say Texas absolutely hates a presidential candidate, they express they hate the presidential candidate by saying they as a whole hate the president candidate through the electoral vote. This unites people from a state perspective, we know that nearly half of you were rooting for this guy, but we as Texans must band together now, we agree the president isn't for us. The electoral votes now go to the other candidate, the one that was most voted for. Texas must make a decision together and stand together, that is what electoral votes are for.

This is all nonsense, but that is why we have them, but it is also why your argument on us applying the same system to all minority groups is both wrong and, perhaps harshly put, ridiculous. Being black doesn't separate you from your community any more than being gay. Wherever you live, you are a part of that community and you make decisions with that community as one. The electoral vote is good for one thing and that's separating everyone as a whole and placing them in imperfect chunks all for the sake of both convenience (if this can exist in our complicated political system) and because we 'might as well' since we already use such a system for something else is ridiculous.

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