CMV: In the popular consciousness, the word "fascism" has been warped so badly that it now carries little to none of its true meaning. This distortion is problematic.

So your defense for overturning a right that was supported by a significant majority of the country is that over 50 years ago bans were common?

Seriously how does that make any sense to you? All the statistics show that abortion access is in the best interests of a society (for a whole slew of reasons) and something like 60+% of people support the right to access abortion but because people more opposed it more than 50 years ago it’s fine to take that right away from people? Like that make no sense at all.

In none of your examples is anyone harmed by those people having those rights so any attempt to take those rights away from people is absolutely fascist. Those people have spent decades or longer fighting for those rights so it is absolutely fascist to oppose those things when the fact that they’ve been given those rights is proof that the majority supports them having those rights.

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