CMV: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is Jesus.

Not really. Secular and Christian Christmas are two very distinct things. A secular Jew would be familiar with the secular Christmas of the area he was raised in, but probably not very familiar with the Christian Gospel

Yes, I would concede that to be an excellent point. IF we were talking about jews. Frankly, I don't even think Reindeers can read.

Any idea of reindeer flying had already been established, therefore that fact that Rudolf and Jesus can't fly cannot be an intentional connection, as it was not made by the song's creator.

Didn't we already establish that the guy who wrote this story was influenced by 'christmas'? If we look to the end of each respective story:

Jesus breaks free from the metaphoric barriers holding him back (in this case, being impaled by a spear whilst wearing a crown of thorns whilst being crucified, THEN being put in a tomb with a giant ass boulder). After he breaks free, with the help of God (Santa), he flies into the sky, giving humanity the gift. The gift of salvation.

Now let's look at Rudolph.

Rudolph breaks free from the metaphoric barriers holding him back (physical deformity on the nose, getting bullied by all the other Reindeers, probably a bit of a weirdo). After he breaks free, with the help of Santa (God), he flies into the sky, giving humanity the gift(s).

It's uncannily similar.

Judas was more than a Jerk, he is one of two people (the other being Brutus) used as a textbook example of a betrayer. He sold Jesus to his death, and he later did not learn his place, be hung himself

Fair point - but ask yourself this. Who would you rather be against, one single man living 2000 years ago in a desert, or a bunch of mean, bullying, drunk Reindeer?

And remember, Judas repented after betraying Jesus, knowing full well he dun goofed. He embraced him again too.

I wouldn't call Santa a father figure at all. He only showed any attention when he was useful to him

Yeah, because Santa's busy in his workshop 334 days of the year. When we see stories of God, despite his omnipotence, he's always doing ONE THING at a time ('Moses, kill your son', 'Eve, don't eat that apple', 'on day one, God created space'.)

Why do you hold Santa to such an unfair standard, but not God?

I don't find redemption, forgiveness, or good things anywhere in Rudolf's story. I see someone who was only accepted when they became useful.

Rudolph (Jesus) FORGAVE all the other Reindeers for being assholes to him, and didn't even brag about his awesome nose because he knows being humble is what's best. I think if you search the bible, you'll see that Jesus is humble as well.

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