CMV: The way marijuana is consumed will prevent it from surpassing alcohol in popularity in the foreseeable future.


It doesn't taste like poison. you've clearly never tried pot chocolate

It doesn't slow down bodily functions. i'm high rn and it took me 30 secs to remember what I was going to write so clearly slowed cognitive abilities

It doesn't make a user sick. it can depending on the person, i get sick when I stand up too quickly or smoke a cigarette

It doesn't have calories and chemicals and it's never killed anyone. fucking right

Yet, alcohol consumption is much more accepted than marijuana use. right, because one is legal and one isn't

Smoking seems trashy, unhealthy, smelly, and today everybody knows that smoke has carcinogens. Vaping (heating marijuana up until it turns into vapor) seems like a safe alternative, but the reputation of vaping is also negative. Vape culture seems to be dominated by people who skateboard everywhere and wear obnoxious streetwear. Plus vaping is the subject of many popular social media jokes. In the past couple of years, society has drawn up negative connotations of vape culture. Ingesting marijuana in edibles would be a formidable solution, but edibles just aren't as popular, and they're hard to make (it's not just putting weed in brownie batter). Since there's no perfect way to ingest marijuana, alcohol will always be more popular.

legalize it, and we'll find loads of other ways to consume it. there are plenty of other ways to get high other than smoking, vaping and edibles. you can use topical creams, ingest oils or tinctures, they even have mouth sprays that can get you high. all that stuff is complicated though, so it's easier to just smoke it while it's still illegal. i would think that the variety of ways that you can consume marijuana would make it likely to be more popular than alcohol.

there's also convenience - you can get high any day of the week and you won't be hungover for work the next morning.

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