Coach K with win 1,000!

And you didn't address my point on whether Gaudet's game should be on his record (including his four wins - admittedly outweighed by his 16 losses, but they're still there), but whatever.

I didn't say anything about PackPride, but I'm familiar with the mentality over there. I don't really care much about what they're saying, or what happens at IC other than for entertainment purposes. Brought it up in my original post only to make a point about the crazy shit some people believe. I don't care for the Heels very much but I also don't sit around looking for excuses to hate everything associated with your program.

Now, as far as Gaudet goes. Full disclosure: I was about 8 years old in 1995 and was not a college basketball fan. But I do know what happened that season with Duke's lack of talent and Gaudet having to take over the team. Some reports I've read say he resigned. Maybe it was a "forced to resign" thing, i.e. firing. I don't know which it was. The usual narrative I've see is "Oh, K forced Gaudet out, what an asshole."

Here's the thing. Let's just assume that Gaudet was indeed forced to resign and K didn't want him associated with the program after 1995. I don't see anyone who has anything on record regarding the actual reason he let Gaudet go. But regardless of the reason for the firing or what actually happened, I don't see why you people are so obsessed over an INTERNAL PERSONNEL DECISION THAT HAPPENED TWENTY YEARS AGO. K might have felt that Gaudet should have done better than two ACC wins and decided it was time for him to move on. If that happened anywhere else, it might be seen as a reasonable move, but it's Duke, so let's all continue with our big Duke hate circlejerk! Maybe that was why the firing happened. Maybe it was some other reason. I don't know, Duke fans don't know, and your crowd certainly doesn't know.

If you have a colored opinion of K because of how that whole situation turned out, that's fine, but my original point wasn't even about that. It's about some of the absolutely insane bullshit a huge number of people actually believe about the Duke program in general and K specifically. People can dislike a rival without just making stuff up or discrediting every single thing we do through claiming there's some sort of weird consipiracy involving the refs, the NCAA, and everyone else under the sun...

Have the last word if you want. I have little desire to get into a sparring match with an IC contributor.

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