Coca Cola to open Gaza factory

So wait, you're saying that if I stand outside your house with a gun telling you that I'm about to come in and murder you and your family unless you leave then that isn't expelling you from the home? Ha! What a ridiculous thing to say.

Except that's not what happened. Fighting occurred, and people fled the fighting. They started the fighting to begin with, and Israelis fighting nearby have no choice: it's fight or die. That's kind of how war is. Perhaps the Palestinians shouldn't have started the war.

Your analogy is complete bullshit.

The fact is that Zionist forces were responsible for 70% of the Palestinians being forced from their homes.

Except they weren't. Palestinians were, by starting the fighting itself which resulted in those people fleeing their homes, not being forced from: being forced from is an expulsion, which is 2% total up to June 1948.

Whether a Zionist militant was standing outside their home with a gun, raping their neighbor because of their race,

AKA what Arabs had been trying to do, and what Zionist militants did not do on a widespread basis or even much at all (approximately 2 total cases of rape a month in the entire war, despite the many many battles and villages). In the meantime, a war of extermination was being attempted.

massacring villages because of their race or was dragging that person out by their hair,

So again, what the Arabs tried to do.

That is all expulsion.

Except it wasn't expulsion because it didn't happen that way. You can revise history all you want and spew that bullshit, but the history we have doesn't tell us it went down like that. At least, the history that isn't composed by people who agree they play loose with the facts.

Esber (2009), p.356 referring to Aryeh Yitzhaki, Israeli historian who served as director of the IDF archives who stated : "In almost every conquered village (...), Zionist forces committed war crimes such as indiscriminate killings, massacres and rapes."

He was director in the 60s. The documents he referred to have shown that in reality, massacres and rapes occurred less than 60 times throughout the entire war, even including killing 3-5 people as a massacre.

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