The Coincidential Dare

Alright the main importance of the whole post I'm concerned if there's a chance for me and "A" to be together. Below is when I asked her out. Please give feedback and yea this post was pretty long... Also the "Me:" is Indication of either my crush "A" or myself "Me:" texting the other back

Me: A.. Will you answer these questions for me What is the main characters' real first name in "the fresh prince of Bel air"? The letter before v? Opposite of stop? Its cold _side Con? Singing- Do, re, _ ? Me: I know it sucks that Im doing this as a dare ( and the last few min of Christmas) but I want you to know all the things I said earlier I'd do... and more to convey my care for you Me: This is what I meant by I have to gift my last present for someone... Me: And that someone is you A.) Aweee (my name with extension "nnnn")! This is so sweet! I have to be completely honest with you tho, I haven't dated anyone yet, and I don't feel like I'm ready. I'm soo sorry I just feel like I need to know you better before starting anything. I have a lot on my mind right now, but will you just give me more time to think? I'm sorry to put you through this but don't let me weigh you down. A.) (She was typing for a while) I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner I was just shocked! Me: Yeaaa shocked myself too I know it was really sudden and I know we've barely even talked but I gotta be honest that dare got me right at a time where I was trying to get to know you better too. Like when I found out you were a gamer, like rap, babies, lol chickens etc. it blew my mind that a girl as pretty as you are actually does like those things I haven't dated anyone either so I completely understand A.) Thank you for understanding, and that's so meaningful to me, it's honestly just bad timing. I want to know you better, I just need more time for it Me: Definitely, plan on it, I'll refer to a quote for now "Time will tell" A.) So does that mean that you'll wait? Me: Most definitely, hehehe I'll wait however long as you need until you're comfortable with the thought of moving toward that stage in your relationship matters. I like to think girls control how fast or slow they want something to go as you move forward in any circumstance A.) Hahahahaha okay thank you so much Me:Wait (you don't have to answer if you don't want) so I know that you want to get to know me better (and I do the same) but will you tell me whenever, if you want to follow through with "this" or not? A.) Yeah I'll be sure to let you know Me:Whoaaa OMG I'm soo sorry I COMPLETELY contradicted what I said earlier.. What I mean is that I'll wanna know a heads up or if you wanna shock me like I did you tell me whenever. Here's my point (sorry I'm really jittery and new to this sorta thing) You control however you want this to go and you can let me know, surprise me, don't.. what I'm trying to say is its in your hands and I'll wait for you A.) Yeah yeah I understand and I'm new to this sorta thing too so I gotta apologize for being naive hahaha but thanks Me: Definitely

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