How to really know know if a guy really likes you or just want to sleep with you?

I’m a h03 but honestly, just actions.

Is he consistent?

Does he talk to you in a non sexual way with intentions of getting to know you? (NO TRAUMA TALK) you can be deep with people without telling them your parent wounds. Tbh I would be cautious of someone who wants to know “all” about you quickly instead of letting it grow.

Has he asked you to hang out? Some men on here are already shitting themselves about it being transactional (despite sex already being it since they’re so into on having access to it)

I’m a sex worker but just the fact that he’s already upfront about sex is a huge no. I’ve been in normal relationships, and they’ve developed over time.

I wouldn’t listen to people telling you to get to it bc it’ll develop into a relationship. That’s really weird advice and not beneficial to women.

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