A cold hard fact.

Constructive criticism of a game in this stage is Vital. You think TD1 would be saved if we had this mindset? Just because someone has a view of a game you dislike, in your brain you think its attacking the game. Wrong. That's a victim based attitude and its a fucking cancer to humanity. Rarely on this sub are there flat out attacks on Massive. 95% of the "negative" posts are people who care about what happens to this game. People need to stop this circle jerk of spinning every single criticism as negative. It's actually the opposite of what you are saying. Its more "if you love this game go play it with your friends and shut up and let the rest of us provide negative feedback so the game gets changed in a correct way so everyone can enjoy it". You're the problem in this situation not the rest of reddit overwhelmingly disagreeing with you. People post changes they'd like to see because they love the game and want it to succeed. NOT because they are attacking it out of some hate.

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