College degrees

As an engineer who’s friends are mainly liberal arts majors from writing to film… this guy needs to stop. You can get a serious job as an arts major. Arts majors are not easy and require serious work and dedication to get good at. I can do kinematics but I sure as hell can’t draw like my roomate. My photographer friend started his own small business, isn’t out of school, and is already making money. My film friend isn’t out of school and has nearly full-time work with a conservation organization and a promise to be kept in post graduation. Started as an intern btw.

Business has no right being in shit tier when it’s so versatile you can basically hop into almost any major company. Education is vitally important to our society, and stuff like philosophy has genuine educational benefits.

Also why gatekeep the types of engineering major? What the hell makes electrical better then mechanical anyways? I’m in an interdisciplinary program, I’ve done both and they’re both just as hard to learn. It’s not like one’s easier to find a job for then another?

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