College feminists are literally like small children: "The safe space...was intended to give people who might find comments...“triggering,” a place to recuperate. The room was equipped with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, & a video of frolicking puppi

I wonder how much more shaming of people who need a little kindness it will take until everyone's issues no matter how bad are just met with, "Get over it!" Yes, shaming abused traumatized adults for going to a place to cry or distract themselves from pain is really helpful. As is the idea they should destroy their bodies and minds like adults, since we know drunks and druggies are real models of maturity.

How about we support those who have had it worse than us, instead of taking pleasure in having someone else to beat down? I have PTSD, I need to lie down or distract myself to avoid getting into a state of terror. Or is it not adult to react to terrifying situation, no adults have everything together all the time or they're children, right?

Be grateful you are blessed to not know of the horror these people have to cope with every day. To not want to scream because you were reminded of being emotionally abused in school by behaviorally disabled special ed students, who never were told no by the adults who should've protected you. Having been kept in such a long state of heightened anxiety I need to take medication because my brain grew up with that as being normal. Crying and screaming because being late to an appointment reminds you of being woken up and rushed to school because you kept being late due to the physical and emotional stress of the day before. Being terrified that if you go to detention you'll be held there with bullies, or unable to go home until you finish your homework, because a teacher told you in 3rd grade you'd never see mommy and daddy again until you finished an assignment that was to difficult for you. Apparently I should just get over all of that. Get over having C-PTSD because I couldn't leave school despite being traumatized daily. Having been emotionally abused to the point of constant dissociation. Who would it have hurt if my school had a safe space I could have gone to so I could calm down?

When you have PTSD it's extremely difficult to control your emotions, your brain's hypersensitivity to the flight or fight response. Instead of making fun of people who already have suffered enough humiliation to have made daily life frightening and difficult, providing support? No one wants to have PTSD, it's not fun. Calling people who are abuse survivors children because the opportunity they had to learn how to be an adult was stolen from them by cruel people, did it occur to you they hate themselves for not being where people like you think they ought to be for their age? Mocking them for trying to recreate the childhood that was raped from them by adults who just didn't want to put in the effort of showing understanding and compassion? At the very least can those people have one place they can feel safe?

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