College is the new cable bundle. Do students deserve a ‘Netflix’?

So here is the thing none of these education start-ups are really getting: a college education isn't just about the memorization of facts and figures. Granted most primary and secondary education is - so its rather simple to presume that college would be as well. But that shows a fundamental misunderstanding about the role and function of a college degree. See higher education serves to advance the state of the art. Very literally a PhD implies that this person has successfully contributed to humanities body of knowledge - in essence the creation of one, single unique thought backed by research and critical analysis. To this aim, the undergraduate degree is designed to instill it's pupils with the abilities required to generate these thoughts. And what that means, is that college isn't just about memorizing or regurgitating information - its about the dialog that exists between peers, critical discussions, and searching for new ways of thinking. Because of this, every university is far more than teachers and books - its is the complete sum of it's student body and each of their individual achievements, experiences, world views, trials, biases and much, much more. To take away the human element from a college degree means you have missed the entire purpose of attending. College happens walking to a football game while you and your mates discuss your uninformes views on why Obama is the greatest of all time. It is the bullshit conversation you have in your dorm high as a kite talking about the psuedo-sciencifical misunderstandings of quantum mechanics. It is that kid you think talks too much in that bullshit GE that you couldn't care less about. It is that cute girl that shoots you down because she couldn't see herself dating a man of your color. To discount these experiences undermines the very reason you leave your parents home to attend. The internet has liberated the vast body of knowledge that was once held hostage in dusty times, but it has not democratized the human element. So no, Students do not need a Netflix for college. College happens when students are left free to wander without aim. To find truth of their own creation.

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