A company I work for wants services and I can sway them to choose the vendor; thinking of asking a pal to create a sole-member LLC to provide said services, but pay me most of the fees in the form of royalties to my own LLC, all to mitigate risks born from related party activities. Thoughts?

The recurring complaints and concerns about ethics on this thread are so annoying and irrelevant. I was hoping for more hard and objective barriers to consider. Rather than a focus on ethics, I'm more concerned about the calculated risks. Should you steal or outright overpromise something you cant deliver? No. Should an employee provide services through a shadow LLC that he/she is capable of delivering results on at a fair price instead of cucking my time and labor for free (due to be salaried)? Probably not. This is part of the reason why so many companies are suboptimally operating or nearing collapse....huge deficits of out-of-the-box thinking and drowning in feels.

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