Complaints About Coverage

One user's deleted comment said, "A friend once told me something that I cannot forget. 'Watching woman's sports is like watching men's sports but being played in 2' of water.' I responded:

Or "If I had one day left on Earth, I'd spend it watching women's ultimate — because it'd be the longest day of my life."

All jokes aside, I enjoy watching women's ultimate. As a man, I obviously prefer watching men's because I'm watching guys I might play against. But when I've run out of men's games to watch, I don't just twiddle my thumbs; I turn on the Chromecast and load a women's game. I've actually noticed that due to the decrease in athleticism (trust me, I feel like a dick phrasing it that way), I am able to better interpret some things on the field. Handler movement in the women's game is especially easy to watch and learn from, as well as successful deep cuts and throws. I've noticed that women are probably better at reading deep cuts and making the right decision of whether or not to throw to them. I also enjoy watching how women choose to pivot, fake and create space when the disc is in their hands.

I won't comment on what Ultiworld or Skyd could do better (competition), but I will say that women deserve equal coverage. The sport needs to be presented as we all know it. Regardless of whether or not we play Mixed or Open, we play with women and pickup and league every week. And I mean, there is literally a MIXED DIVISION! What other sport has that? We should be celebrating the Mixed division.

But there is the issue of watchability. Before NGN existed and before USAU and AUDL started working with ESPN, I heard tons of people say that ultimate was an unwatchable sport. While I completely disagree, I understood what they meant — WE NEED MORE HIGHLIGHTS! Well to me, highlights are generally the result of poor decisions. On rare occasion, you get a spectacular athletic play that blows you away but very often, it's because a disc was underthrown or someone jammed it up the force side when they should've just dumped it (or hucked it to a receiver in double coverage).

But people want highlights. And unfortunately, the women's game isn't producing as much. There are still amazing skys by Sandy Jorgenson, sick layouts by Opi Payne and pinpoint hucks from Sophie Darch, but people really do tend to be dismissive of spectacular female athletes. Spectacular female athletes are seen as outliers, whereas their male counterparts are just "athletes." Remember when people were saying Brittney Griner should be in the NBA? Would that have really worked out? At all? 99% no.

I don't have any answers or arguments to make. These are just a handful of my thoughts on the issue. But I say, show me more women's games. I watch them less than men's coverage, but I still find ways to learn from them, and I am still entertained by them.

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