We are not talking about mastrubation here, we are talking about selfish mothers that want to kill their babies for their own selfish purposes. I haven't said that you shouldn't have sex without the intention of having a baby, I've said if you do have sex which intention is making a baby. Sperm alone does not make a baby therefore ejaculating somewhere that's not a vagina is not considered abortion because you need an egg to make a baby. If you logically think for once, the body releases dopamine because having sex shouldn't be gloomy and lifeless, both persons have to love each other or at least find the other person attractive to have enjoyable sex. I don't know why I have to explain the reason of body releasing dopamine through sex, it's something we should enjoy. But abusing it and than claiming that it's your sole body and that you have the right to kill something that's part you, part your partner which is making it not your body and you do not have the right to kill it.

And your car debate is wrong, as I said the consequence of driving a car on a highway shouldn't be the crash because it is not intended for that, in which case sex is in fact designed for making babies and not only pleasure.

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