contemplating sending an email to my daughter's kinder teacher...

yes, i've been going to the pto meetings and jump on anything i can. next friday i'm going to go help restock all of the school first aid kits in the school community room. The chance of me seeing my daughter is slim.

i like being able to see how she interacts with the kids in the class. my kid has social issues and is not one of the typical kids, she one that needs extra help socially (while being very smart-- 2nd grade reading level). I think the teacher thinks my daughter may have aspergers because she always says things my daughter does remind her of her son, but i've done ASQ in the past and had the teacher write a lettter and spoke with my daughters doctor about her social issues. He doesn't think she show sign of aspergers, nor do i, really. Doc said it seems more like impulsivity issues which may (or may not be) a sign of adhd. anyway, on top of regular mom reasons for wanting to see my daughter in action at school i also want to better understand where she is having trouble in school.

also i think the teacher projects some of her sons issues onto my daughter which i find annoying. just because two days of school my daughter complained about her shirt being itchy the teacher describes it as a sensory issue, um no, she doesn't normally have sensitivites to her clothing those were two isolated incidences. Another time she sent home a book with me because she gthougt it would be good to read with my daughter to learn emotions, but no, my child has always been able to read emotions. She does have a hard time reading when the other kids are annoyed with her, but much different. she had me half convinced for a while that maybe my daughter was on the spectrum. I know my daughter isn't the typical kid and we have things we are working on but dont blur the lines, please. grrr

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