Controversial Opinion: Trusova would be much better served doing a clean program with “only” 3 quads than attempting 5 quads and being inconsistent.

I’m not going to respond to a lot of this because I think it was sort of missing my point - and also the points other fairly knowledgeable people who have tried to engage with you over the last several days. I am confused as to why you’re continuing to try to create dialogue or discussion in this particular forum, with nary a professional sports commentator in sight, if you’re only interested in those insights. I notice those who agree with your opinions aren’t required to provide a resume of their experience on the subject?

I will say that, I do feel you on the decline of value for expertise as a real social phenomenon. Although, again, you’re participating in dialogue in one of the very platforms that helped to expedite the democratization of opinion. I mean the internet is a correlative factor in that situation, it quite literally comes with the territory

I will say that I don’t appreciate my defense of the many younger people (of which I am clearly not one, as I often joke here, and I assume you have now gathered) who participate in or appreciate this sport being conflated with the pernicious effect of medical and scientific misinformation and the tragic, often fatal consequences that result. That’s an outrageous

and would also like to an opportunities to connect right others and share their thoughts and excitement about it - especially in our most festive and enjoyable

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