The cop literally put that man's hand on the stick just so he could have a reason to beat him up

Man, honestly. I’m from Europe and have therefore very little to do with this all, but the last few days I have seen so many videos that either make me sob or furious, or both. It’s really depressing.

I do not understand that this is possible in a country like the US, let alone that the government of a country like this seems to tolerate this and has not yet done anything about it. They are not even trying, they just continue doing this sh*t even though it’s being recorded everywhere. It really is beyond me, even though I know it’s been going on for a long time, I - just - don’t - understand - it.

I knew Trump was a horrible person and a horrible president, but the last few days he has shown his real and very, very true colors. He just ignores what is going on, or worse, provokes it even more or just uses it for plain propaganda for the elections. Honestly, even though the US is (supposed to be) such an influential western country, it comes pretty darn close to counties like China, Russia, North Korea, et cetera. Police brutality, corrupt cops and government, a racists wannabe dictator ruling the country, no good healthcare, so many of its people being extremely poor, guns still being allowed, the death sentence still in place in some places, man, I can continue for hours naming things that just shows how much is wrong here. What is going on now highlights it even more (including how the Covid crisis is being dealt with, cause there is plenty wrong about that as well).

I am genuinely sorry that you guys have to deal with this. I hope this is finally the turning point of some real changes in your country, cause it’s long overdue. I wish you all the very best ❤️

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