Covid-19 is showing me that my HVM really is just a pig in a Prada scarfe.

You know what?

15 minutes ago, yep, I 100% believed that he loved me and that he would care he is hurting me by neglect and changing the rules of our relationship without even telling me. I believed he would walk through the door tonight and say "I'm sorry. This is why I have been different and I have acted mean."

Instead, he walked in the door, greeted the dog and asked me "Are you over your grumpy mood?" I responded with "Have you put any effort into treating me like a wife and not a roommate today?"

He rolled his eyes.

And then the kicker? He told me he had to go out and collect an online order in an hour. So you have the time and effort to buy yourself something online, but can't even call me once during the day to say hello anymore?

I've got every credit card and debit card number he has stored in my phone. He doesn't know I have that. Tomorrow I will create invoices for a business that I have (it's just a small hobby business, but I do take credit card) and then I will pay each invoice using his credit cards. When he questions what I'm buying, I will tell him that it is for "Services Rendered" - I.e he wants to treat me like a house keeper and not a wife, he can fucking pay for it. I also have a book full of receipts for things I bought for our home, he can pay me back for all of that as well.

And then?

I'll book a hotel using his credit card and I'm leaving.

I really believed he loved me enough to at least acknowledge my feelings.

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