Cows sexually abused, hit and punched at company owned by NFU deputy president, footage shows

Holly shit you know what shocked me? No the movie itself, because i knew all this shit, but the comments on youtube. I didn't realise theres this huge crows of idiots who think bragging about being vegan is somehow helping stop animal slaugher, its fucking disgusting how many sick fucks think that by telling everyone they don't eat meat they help animals, while in reality they only stroke their ego and think they are important. Thats like writing 'thoughts and prayers' about some tragedy somewhere far away, while sitting on a couch and doing absolutely nothing about it. And somehow these people are all agressive as fuck and they don't even want to hear about that what they do is just hypocrisy, they tear you apart without any discussion. That is what really shocked me, these people are worse then religious fundamentalists, i bet their dogs and cats dont eat meat as well and those poor things get sick because of it.

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