We created a League patch diff tool in the client

Yeah but these guys did this in a day. Riot is a very wealthy company with lots of employees that should be more than capable of, oh idk, getting clash to work. Plus they have more than enough resources to do this under no real constraints while these guys had to basically hack the client to be able to make this work.

I remember seeing a twitch clip of somebody that was interviewing for a position at riot and gave some insight about what goes down at their HQ. I don't know how viable of a source that is but it sounds like they don't really get as much done there as they should be.

But I think it shows... It took them YEARS to make a new client, which is still pretty finicky. It took them YEARS to release sandbox mode, which they haven't made any significant changes to since its release. The game has been out for about 10 years and they haven't released voice chat yet. It took them YEARS to release an in-client tournament mode that didn't even work on launch. I could go on but I think you get it.

And every time the community complains about this kinda stuff they are either silent or just make up excuses. "We don't want to add voice chat because its toxic". When in reality I think its just because they don't really care enough to push good updates through and improve their game. The game is hugely successful and people will continue to play regardless if they fix their shitty client or add good new features that don't break constantly.

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