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Her throat is dry, her feelings bottled up. A brave girl, she hides her fear well. The naked man rod in front of her, her resolve is shaking, but she’s not letting it show. She tells herself “mother needs the money”. Good girl, young and dick-deprived, her hymen is intact. She tries to imagine the protruding flesh hose belongs to her crush at school. What she doesn’t yet realize is, her career as a whore was set at birth; She was born with a super power.

A young girl, with no imagination for sex, is a dry frigid bitch. Hence, her mother gave her lube.

Her girl slit is suspiciously wide. Is she REALLY a virgin? Poking deeper, your cock tip hits something. It’s soft, but annoyingly obstinate. While her little lips caress the shaft part lovingly, her deeper cavern gives you shit. What a bitch! Put more strength to it; penetrate, PENETRATE, PENETRATE. You’re in. Oh! Your battering ram is the first war machine to invade her sacred shrine. Plow her, plunder the loot. As you pull out the troops, the wall mysteriously builds itself back. Oh! Fuck this whore, go again! And your cock misses, showing a sorry bulge at her stomach. You hit again; another bulge. Fucking hell, DIE BITCH DIE, FUCKING TAKE THE COCK AND CRY – and you’re in again.

Like the Empire, she always builds another Death Star. And it’s always so satisfying to make that great one-in-a-million shot, kid.

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