GODSENT unveils new Female CS:GO Roster.

Let me explain something to you, which applies to a lot of things not just this. Averages are a very useless statistic. What matters, really, is the distribution curve. So for reaction time, the Male distribution curve is more of a banana shape. This means that there are more males with very fast reaction times and more with very slow reaction times.

I do not accept the social economic argument for women. There are players who go pro from the hardest, toughest scenes like turkey, Poland etc whereas women from the UK and America still aren’t tier 4.

I didn’t say I thought female leagues were a bad idea, I’ve defended the idea and supported it in this very thread. But we shouldn’t lie about it, because that just gives people less reason to support it. The truth is female pros aren’t as good, and that’s okay, maybe they never will be quite as good as the very best players but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their own competitions etc.

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