[CW] Two people. Sitting on a park bench. The entire scene lasts 5 minutes in real time. No skipping ahead, no flashbacks, nothing otherworldly. Let dialogue drive your story.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked.

"Oh Peter, it's so good to have you home! We've missed you!" Her words tumbled from her mouth.

"Have you eaten anything? Let me get you something." He had always tried to get her to eat.

"Peter... Jodi and I want to go to the market. Will you drive? You always love to drive! We can even take Philip with us. You two can go to the soda fountain and grab some floats. It will be FUN!" Excitement in her eyes, her voice becoming increasingly feral.

"No, not today. Today I was hoping to talk to you about what you did all day." He shifted slightly on the bench so he was closer to her.

"My day was fine. I went to class and Andy had ROTC practice. I watched him for awhile, he certainly is serious about all of this. I hope he doesn't have to go away... I... I don't..." Her head craned up toward the large oak tree above them.

"Look at the leaves! Just look at them Peter! Aren't they beautiful!." Her eyes were becoming increasingly damp from staring.

"Oh boy, those leaves changing always mean school is ahead. Are you excited Peter? UCONN isn't very far. You can come visit us. You know I am going to be in high school this year? I sure hope Andy can fit in. He's always studying! He's always...." Her eyes were watering now, but they were vacant.

"Peter you look different." Her voice was soft


"PETER!" A voice like thunder

"Who are you?!" Her voice shredded his ears and burrowed into his skull.

"It's okay. You're okay. You're safe." He always hated this part.

"PETER! WHERE ARE YOU! PETER!" She attempted to launch herself from the bench but her knees were too weak. Years of arthritis had taken its toll.

"Mom, Peter is gone. He was gone a long time ago, but I am here now. Do you remember my name? I'm Michael. I'm your son and I love you very much." He held her tightly as she shook. He hoped she would remember to breath.

"Oh my, look at you. All grown up." His mother smiled and he began to smile back.

"...Peter. Jodi and I want to go to the market. Would you drive us?"

"Sure... What are big brothers for." He wiped a tear from his eye as he helped his mother back into the hospital.

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