Dad found out I've tried LSD — shit hit the fan. Help? :(

To start off I should probably state my age: 18. I'm a first-year Psychology and Law student. Ever since college has taken off, I haven't really had ANY free time. I'm either at college in lectures or studying, or at home studying. On Saturdays I work a long shift at a part-time job to help pay off my car debt (just over 1/3 of the way paid) which I owe my father. On Sundays I'm fried from my tiring shift so I mellow out and slowly study over the course of the day. No time for friends (unless I have some coffee on Sundays), let alone the time to take drugs.

Over the course of the Christmas holidays I experimented with psychedelics — 3 LSD trips and 2 25i-NBoME trips. Where I'm from it's Summer in Christmas so we have an 12 week break. The trips were spread relatively evenly over the course of said break.

So today I arrive home from uni, quite tired mind you, and I'm studying in my room. Next thing I know my dad comes barging in my room demanding "WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?" Turns out I left my phone upstairs and a mate was asking a question about LSD. I decided to do what I thought would be the right thing: tell the truth. My dad smokes weed everyday, not openly, albeit although I've been told by my mother and there's a lot of suggestive evidence around the house, such as the cannabis itself. I alluded to my LSD usage over the break. He then starts literally yelling at me with extreme anger. "It's a CLASS A drug! You're smart, tripping on acid makes you go to 'loserville'!" And then starts making threats about kicking me out of the house. I'm a pretty level-headed person, I cope well in arguments. Instead of yelling back, I replied in a calm voice, and requested for him to lower his voice. I'm sure the neighborhood could hear him, let alone my sister and his girlfriend. It didn't work; I had to request him to stop swearing and yelling at me on more than ten occasions. I told him I'd stop my usage for as long as I'm living under his roof.

He continued to force his limited knowledge of the drug on me, which I just internally rejected. I told him that I'm old enough to formulate my own opinions on things, but I'll abide by his requests considering that he's supporting me financially. He also saw a lighter on my desk (big whoop, I smoke weed like once a month if I'm lucky) to which he asked "WHAT IS THIS FOR?" and confiscated it. He kept on attesting that it was morally bad and legally bad. I agreed with the "legally bad" sense but I wouldn't accept the morally bad point he had made. I told him that he wouldn't truly understand because he hasn't tried it, to which he then he made the comparison that some people get a buzz from murdering other people but he hasn't murdered someone so he wouldn't know. Keep in mind at this point I've reiterated the fact that I haven't taken it in 6 weeks and I won't take it again. He said to me "I don't care about that Psychology shit" (I study Psychology) even though I was just replying like a normal person.

The heated argument (most 'heart' on his side) continued meaninglessly for a long time until I just said "can I please just get with my studies?" and he left the room. I get that he's my dad, and I should respect him, but it's frustrating because I'm getting into a ton of trouble over very brief experimentation over the course of my holidays even though I'm working harder than I ever have before in my life. I just really want to move out at this point — preferably moving permanently to my mom's house or alternatively a dorm/hall. It's really hard to focus on my studies with this in the back of my mind, which is not ideal with the amount of work due over the course of next week.

So yeah, bit of a shitstorm going on over on my end. Has anyone experienced anything like this? How did you deal with it? If not, does anyone have any advice? :(

EDIT: If you've read this all, thanks. It's a bit of a read, but I could go on forever with the situation I'm in now. I'm also quite stressed and tired so I'm sure there are some spelling and grammar mistakes out there, sorry.

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