DCC CEO Owen Keegan’s innovative solution to the housing crisis is…. Students’ Unions becoming property developers. This is in response to @ucdsu opposition to purpose-built student accommodation being converted into short-term tourist accommodation.

The man is a clown and it's maddening that he gets such a big influence on the city and isn't elected by the citizens. Dublin needs a directly accountable mayor with powers like London etc at this stage and not a largely untouchable CEO like Keegan.

I remember hearing him struggling badly trying to justify his wet dream white water rafting park in the IFSC on Second Captains a while back. His only arguments for building the damn thing were the fees already spunked away on consultants, fire brigade training, vague 'good for disadvantaged local youth' (he then revealed no local youth groups had even been surveyed for their opinion) and that no other city had one of its size. Unbelievably badly prepared and a terrible communicator, astounds me how far he's gotten in his career.

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