Dead Richmond cyclist’s parents ‘shaken’ by tattoo-teardrops photo

At the end of the day, it doesn't seem like Fan did anything that the average driver wouldn't have done (passing a cyclist on a single lane road),

This stretch of road is a double solid.

Even on a dotted line, passing is not a right. You are not entitled to pass. You pass when it is safe to do so. That means you use your freaking eyeballs and wait until you have good visibility, and only begin your maneuver when have enough time to complete at a calm, normal speed. The people in the oncoming lane have right of way... especially on a double solid which you aren't even allowed to cross.

How the fuck do you careen into a line of cyclists on that stretch of road if you are going 50 kph and using a modicum of care... you don't.

Just because they haven't charged him with more doesn't mean anything.

Criminal charges have to be proved to a near certainty for a conviction and many require a degree of intent. Proving to near certainty that he caused the accident through anything more than carelessness is probably very hard legally and so they don't bother with more.

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