Dear Askreddit, what don't you fuck with?

This will gwt buried but Opiates. I was rolling a morbidly obese patient at work and I felt something pop in my back. The pain was instant and it was like nothing I've ever felt. I had a pretty severe back injury and i was only 20 when I did this. Ended up having spinal surgery last year and the pain is gone. The worst part of this ordeal was being thrust into using strong pain killers so fast. It was the only way I could have somewhat of a quality of life. It was definitely necessary because I wouldn't have been able to take care of myself. I got addicted pretty quick. At first they made me feel like shit. I'd throw up and then after that I'd feel better. I'd feel much better, actually. My house waa spotless. I'd make extravagant meals from scratch. I passed my nursing boards with no worries. Eventually I became irritable and generally just treating everyone like shit. I can't believe my family and friends loved me enough to deal with how awful I was. After surgery I got off them. The withdrawal sucked. I bawled for days. My fiance had to come home early from work twice because I couldn't cope alone. I'm so much better now. I had my wisdom teeth sawed out of my jaw and got on vicodin for that. For some reason it wasn't a huge deal to be on them or come off them. The worst part now is that I still have cravings. Like reading opiate addiction stories on this thread makes me think, "Hey I know that feeling! That's a great feeling!" It's not a great feeling hurting people who love you...or waking up and just being downright pissed off for no reason at all. Yesterday my 48 hour migraine finally broke. It was really hard for me to not go to my DR and just say hey, can I get some pain killers maybe? I know I would have gotten them. Things like that happen still. It was a really rough past few days...nothing was going my way. I know I'll always probably think about them. But I hope eventually they are less frequent. I don't ever want to be that person again. I have found happiness in other things though. I'm able to recognize how blessed my life is without opiates. My family like I mentioned is incredible. My fiance is seriously awesome he's my best friend in the world. I'm high on life every day because I have many things to be happy about. Please don't touch them unless you absolutely 100% need them for medical reason. It's so hard to get off them and it's miserable when you do...but things are so much better without them. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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