As a Destiny Player, I Am SO Excited for Anthem!!

I mean I understand your sentiment but I kinda feel like some of your points are a bit flawed underneath the gushing praise for Anthem.

For example, launch D2 was in a much better state than launch D1. Not only that but a large majority of the broken parts of vanilla D2 were fixed as soon as Warmind.

Not only that but it is hard to take your claims of D1 being your JAM seriously when Forsaken is cheap af atm. Surely if D1 meant so much to you, it would be worth dropping a few bucks on an expansion that makes the game even better than D1. If D1 meant so much to you surely you could get over your initial burn to play the current interaction.

Also, the part where you talk about a 2 day demo filling a hole in your heart is a bit cringey.

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