Detroit police acted like 'dog death squad,' lawsuit says

I would like to preface this comment with the fact that I think that the excessive violence(shooting a dog three times with a shotgun) is unnecessary in this situation, however I do have some counter points for you arm chair police officers:

1) This took place in Detroit, not a small town in rural New Hampshire. This is a city known for its violence, so shouting " Let me put my dogs down in the basement." while the police are serving a warrant for narcotics, doesn't mean shit. For all they know, the resident could have multiple weapons and could be barricading him or herself into an area to fight back. It is ignorant to assume that in a place like Detroit, police would allow you time to prepare for them entering the house.

2) Standard operating procedure for Police raids is to shoot any dog on the premises when executing a warrant, based on whether or not the officer feels the animal will threaten his life. Sadly, this technically gives precedent for police to shoot any dog that looks remotely threatening. In the article, it states that all three dogs appeared to be Pit Bulls, a species that has unfortunately been given a bad rap for being viscous.

3) For those of you saying, "it was only 25g of marijuana" that still violates the cities marijuana code. As the article says, a credible in informant purchased drugs from a man in the house, meaning that at least one of the residents was in possession of those drugs with the intent to distibute, an act which is usually charged as a felony. Like it or not, what they were doing is illegal until the state and federal governments decide otherwise. Possessing may be decriminalized, but distributing is not.

4) For all of you saying that the officers in the article should be shot, due to their cruelty to animals, do you also believe that children with sociopathic tendencies who skin and torture animals should be shot? Like it or not, unfortunately it happens, sometimes it's a child and sometimes it's an officer of the law. That doesn't make it right in either case, however no one deserves to die over it.

5) For those of you saying you don't care if an officer of the law is shot and killed, it's well within your rights to do so, however, not every officer who gets shot is one that deserves to be. For instance, in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2006, an officer named Michael Briggs was shot and killed. In 2004, he ran into a burning building, carrying out multiple victims with little regard for his own safety. He was later killed, leaving behind a wife and two kids. Anyone with any common sense would realize that Officer Briggs did not deserve to die. Do not assume when an officer is shot that he deserves it.

Once again I don't agree with the useless violence in this case, I think what these officers did was horrific and unnecessary, and I don't defend their actions. However, once in awhile, take a break from your tunnel vision hatred of Law Enforcement, and take a look at the laws that are put in place that allow these officers to do these things. Not all cops are bad cops, and the truly good ones don't defend the bad ones.

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