Difference between healthy and unhealthy INFP/INFJS? Fi vs Fe? Ni vs Ne?

Been around INFPs all my life and I'm an INFJ. Everyone is being. a bit generous. Infps are personally my least favourite to deal with our of everyone when they become misbalanced. An INFJ because of fe will often believe their emotions and "bad mood" is contagious and lock themselves away. You often won't see the INFJ when they're having a bad time. If you do, they are likely to become very submissive and just do what you want. Inside they will likely be depressed. If they have an aggressive side, they are more likely to just ignore everything you say, do what they want, and keep everyone at a distance. They are still unlikely to use manipulation to get what they want. When unbalanced, they become hyper sensitive and are often critical, very martyr like, and will go on rampage if someone breaks their morals/tests their boundries.

When an INFP becomes misbalanced... It's like walking on glass. The fi believes it feels emotions stronger therefore it's better than everyone. Infps become pathetically manipulative but lack insight to be accurate in their manipulations so they just look like dumb bullies. Unlike the INFJ, they may hide when hurt but when mis balanced, they show case their every emotion. Extremely and shamelessly dramatic. No empathy to draining others, using others ear, and if criticized, will often become extremely guilt tripping, manipulative crying, or try to hurt the other person. Will often be insanely selfish with no remorse (usually uses their emotions as leverage). Will view others as boring, conforming, bitchy and believe that people should do things for them because (extremely entitled). Disregards others thoughts, feelings, and motives. Often makes extremely poor choices and blames external non-connected sources. Very childish, inconsiderate and selfish.

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