Discord Server Giveaway event

All though this a great achievement because the game is so popular lots of newer player have nowhere to go. So I decided to look for the best genshin servers for each language. (except Spanish, I oddly couldn't find a Spanish server)

So here we go, hope some people see this so they can invite some new players of each language to here.

FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS- https://discord.gg/9au8xr3 (you also type "discord.gg/genshins" in your search bar)

FOR FRENCH SPEAKERS-https://discord.gg/Mu7m3Kc (or "discord.gg/genshinimpactfr)

FOR PORTUGESE SPEAKERS- https://discord.gg/E7GZZnB

FOR ITALIAN SPEAKERS- https://discord.gg/jSQKbQc

FOR GERMAN SPEAKERS- https://discord.gg/KDBR4Qb

Those are the best ones for each language at the moment.

Please share this around for the unfortunate people who can't join the official server because it's currently maxed.

Anyways I hope I helped you guys nonetheless. I read the rules and I hope I don't get punished for this, sincerely trying to help. Enjoy!

BTW: This is from the admin Resinobi in the official for the people who aren't in it.
"Survey Link: https://forms.gle/zwxpvwj8XH48T6xZ8


  1. Only 1 entry allowed per Discord account and duplicate entries will be ignored.

  2. Keep in mind that in-game rewards will only be sent to accounts of AR 10 and above.

  3. This event is for Global players only (America, Europa, Asia and Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan).

Event will end on 5th of November, 12PM, GMT+8. Winners will be announced in #lottery-winners on 6th of November, 12PM, GMT+8, and in-game mail with the rewards attached will be sent at the same time."

/r/Genshin_Impact Thread Link - i.redd.it