DNA Evidence Leads to Arrest in 24 Year Old Cold Case Murder of L.A. Teen

This is simply why I haven’t managed to escape my abusive spouse. He has promised to kill me and my child. I have several doctors involved, family on both sides, and counselors to keep him “sane”. I’m trying to get a better job to get a lawyer and get full custody of my daughter back and flee. But I have to flee first and I’ll have to leave my entire city. My son already died from his negligence and I’ve taken enough beatings/money stolen for drugs leaving us starving, etc to decide he’s an absolute deadbeat that’s dangerous when high. I had to place my daughter with her bio dad to get her in a safe home and figure out how to flee. Our home is across the street from his parents’ house so every time I’ve kicked him out, he just breaks back in and loads me up with promises of staying sober and working until I give in. My own dad comes over every single day to check on me. I’m not the only woman I know dealing with this either. By far. I’ve only reported him once after he strangled me 3 years ago and police didn’t charge him in our son’s case because it was accidental, he left our perfect little 3 month old in a bed on a pillow and he flipped over. Only time I asked him to watch him at night because I breastfed. I know I’m in danger. I can feel it all around me. My daughter hasn’t seen him since her brother died because I’m not an idiot, just currently very poor and in a horrible situation. If I report him, he gets out the next day, he’ll probably shoot me.

My heart goes out to this woman and thankfully her sister will have closure. Hope he gets life in prison because I guarantee you he has other rape/assault victims at least.

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