Doctors of reddit, what’s it like when you go in for a doctors appointment? Do you and your doctor discuss what’s wrong with you like it’s a group project? Do you not go at all because you’re your own doctor?

I'm not "officially" a doctor yet, but I'm being trained to be a therapist and also get therapy pretty regularly. It mostly just means I'm more likely to be able to describe my experiences using specific psychology terminology (like when asked "how are you feeling?" I might say "tired, bad appetite, trouble concentrating- y'know neurovegetative symptoms") and I probably need somewhat less psychoeducation than the average bear.

I probably have a little more insight regarding my psychological functioning than a lot of my therapist's other clients, but in the mental health field they say "insight isn't enough" for a reason. Just knowing you're depressed/anxious/etc. doesn't magically cure you and that's why working with a professional is helpful.

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