Does anybody else feel like you don't know how to be successful?

I'd consider myself a success. I don't want to give details, but I'm very happy, comfortable, and have the things I want. Basically I don't live paycheck to paycheck. Have savings, own a nice home, and if a hot new thing comes out, I can spend a money on it and not think twice. Cars, whatever, it's all game. Fair?

Success is when you combine your own interests/passions with productivity. That means finding a niche, studying for it, proving yourself every single day, and driving towards larger projects that impact the business ON YOUR OWN.

You'll never be successful doing something you find irritating or annoying. If you could do something you cared about, making things, helping people, technology, airplanes, something - anything, what is it? If you don't know, that's step one. You need to look inside and think about what makes you happy. Is it making other's happy? Is it building things with your hands? Is it being a part of an important project or team? what?

Sometimes it's two things, maybe it's making things and technology for example. So then we dig down: Do you enjoy more physical or mental? Defines the direction completely.

If you find that thing you care about, you'll do more every day. There's days I spend 30 mins or an hour more than I could at a task after 'quitting time' because I care about the problem and I want to feel the success of beating it. There's tasks I think about at night, on the weekend, in the mornings, at lunch, just churning over it thinking about "how can I completely kill this problem with an amazing answer..." And it's not stress, it's pure joy and interest because you CARE. It may as well be a game.

When you find that passion, when things are a joy to attack, you'll find success. Training will be exciting. Your performance will increase massively. You'll enjoy the problems you attack, and the more you advance you'll find people that are just as smart, passionate, and well respected as you'll become - which leads to even more freedom, pay, and respect.

That's the path, best as I can describe it, and it starts with you. You may get the guess wrong at first, but start by looking inward and trying to figure out what you CARE about. Keep working towards that, getting better at it, and moving towards work in that field. You'll click, gain traction, and then "no one can keep a good man down". As they say.

Cheers, GL.

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