Does anybody else think it's odd to make children take stimulants?

Do you think I was insulting your friends though? I said factory jobs as an example, what I mean is any mass scaled jobs, lower paid jobs, cookie cutter jobs or menial jobs.... Because of up coming and already established automation. Jobs for jobs sake isn't a good model, the current economic and governmental systems need upgrading to modern times.

I'm not saying they're not important, because they are, I'm not saying something such as wielding doesn't need skill because it does... what I'm saying is we can or will be able to afford to not just fill in jobs because of vacancy ( given right job ).

What I'm saying is children should get more freedom of intellectual pursuit and skill development. Wether maths, science, sports etc... if you're forced in any which way in terms of personal development it can be degrading... and I'm pretty sure this doesn't need any peer reviewed study, as it's a pretty intrinsic human need.

For clarification, more brothers have ADD/ADHD diagnosed by psychiatrist and doctors. I know for a fact the system at the time and place, didn't work for them. For context my eldest brother would get good grades easily, but he was lazy af, and didn't give af, not studying, not pursuing any pathway he could do well in and get far in life ( he's living well enough though )... to say I have solutions would be dishonest... I'm rather trying bring to light what can be said about this situation.

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